4EU+ project MOVE

MOVE is an international project connecting students from six European universities under the umbrella of the 4EU+ alliance.

It is an innovative bottom-up project to design online virtual excursions (incl. drone surveys) and foster the active participation of students.

Msc (exceptionally also last year Bsc.) students will set-up a cutting-edge Geoscience field excursion:

  • define scientific themes, effective targets and shared tasks
  • organize webinars with experts
  • identify locking points, refine itinerary and objectives
  • elaborate film strategy (scenario/screencast)
  • design outreach products
  • run the excursion

This student-centred project stimulates student’s skills (curiosity, initiative, in-depth critical scientific thinking) and eagerness to engage in both active learning and outreach. Through MOVE, students develops a personalised learning pathway and acquire the set of competences expected from 4EU+ students.

MOVE web page: https://move-excursions.eu/

The responsible person for this project at the Heidelberg University is Lucie Tajcmanova

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